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Automation + Self-Service Features

Breathe easy with Flight Schedule Pro. Just set it up and let the automation and DIY features keep your flying time high and office hours low.

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Scheduling Hub

Give controlled access to your schedule so people can see their reservations and book flights using any device.

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Billing Hub

Check in flights and receive payment all in one solution. Automate member dues by credit card or send invoice.

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The Top 200 Flying Clubs Use Flight Schedule Pro

Top Features & Benefits Flying Clubs Enjoy.

Flight Schedule Pro has so many features and benefits, we can’t name them all. Here’s just a few

Modern Look & Feel.

Upgrade your club’s image and make your members extra happy with our easy-to-use platform. Hundreds of Flying Clubs are using our intutive software because it looks like a modern website and app that they want to use. Features like drag and drop flight reservations, mobile friendly and convenient iphone and ipad apps. With advanced roles and permissions, you can give members all the access you want and take it easy!

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Self-Service Features.

Allow members to login, reserve aircraft and times they want. They can check-out and check-in aircraft and even pay for flights as they go. You can set the whole process up in a workflow exactly the way you like. Sync the Flight Schedule Pro calendar with your Google Calendar for a quick view of your entire day’s operation. Members can have a complete profile and access flight and billing history so don’t have to.

Automated Billing & Payment.

Member dues are a breeze with automated invoicing or credit card charging. You can also set different pricing groups for staff, members and guests. Email Reminders help notify members of upcoming dues, events or scheduled flights. The BuiltIn point of sale options allow members to purchase items from your Pilot Shop, pay for flights, gas reimbursement and much more. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Quickbooks Online Integration!

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Maintenace Tracking.

Just set up your fleet and let pilots record Tach and Hobbs times in flight Schedule Pro during check-out and check-in. Maintenance frequency is customized by you with on-screen reminders and email notifications. The intuitive software will shut down aircraft for reservations until maintenance is performed. Also allow pilots to enter squawks to keep members flying safe!

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Flight Schedule Pro has the scheduling, dispatching, maintenance and interface that is easy for our staff, and perhaps more importantly...for our clients.

Christopher Dillis, Aspen Flying Club

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