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Scheduling Hub

Give controlled access to your schedule so people can see their reservations and book using any device.

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Training Hub

Improve your training quality and consistency. Satisfies Flight School Part 61 and Part 141 record keeping requirements.

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Billing Hub

Check in flights and receive payment all in one solution. Customers can run a tab or prepay to put money on there account.

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The Top Career Centers Are Using Flight Schedule Pro

Top Features & Benefits Career Pilot Training Centers Enjoy.

Flight Schedule Pro has so many features and benefits, we can’t name them all. Here’s just a few

Modern Look & Feel.

Give your students, instructors and staff a better user experience with our easy-to-use platform. Don’t let looks fool you! The Flight Schedule Pro platform is designed for the complexity of a Part 141 Flight School with features like drag and drop scheduling, mobile useability, and it works the way you work. Learning is a snap because everything is where it’s supposed to be, when you need it. Oh yeah, we put a lot of common sense into our design.

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Flexible Reporting Options.

It’s important to have access to course details so you can easily produce reports for class schedules, instructors, course outlines and more. In addition, aircraft reports help keep your fleet up to speed with maintenance, squawks and time to next service. Student Progress reports allow you to deep dive into an individuals student activity or back up and see Enrollment Totals, Enrollment Details or even Exam Grades. It’s all online, anytime and anywhere you need it!

Fleet Maintenance Tracking.

Enter your fleet and let instructors record Tach and Hobbs times in Flight Schedule Pro during check-out and check-in. Maintenance frequency is customized by you with on-screen reminders and email notifications. The intuitive software will shut down aircraft for reservations until maintenance is performed. Also allow pilots to enter squawks to keep everyone flying safe!

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Efficient Training Operations.

From going paperless with your Part 141 compliance to resource efficiency of instructors and aircraft, Flight Schedule Pro’s got your back. Our intuitive growth platform seriously allows you to grow because it organizes your lessons, scheduling and record keeping all in one location with instant reporting your flight training center needs. There are so may ways that Flight Schedule Pro makes your organization more efficient, we can’t name the all. You just have to try it!

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Customizable & Scalable.

Every part of Flight Schedule Pro is customizable to work the way you do. Roles and permissions are highly customizable for staff, instructors and students. Setup workflows from course details to lessons, to automated emails that keep everyone on the same page. Are you trying to scale upwards with your Training Center? Unlimited students and increase aircraft and instructor resources all while Flight Schedule Pro is running smooth, fast and without crashes or down time.

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Part 141 Approved.

Finally, you can go paperless with confidence! Others claim they can do it. Some kinda do. But NOBODY satisfies Part 141 like Flight Schedule Pro. Approved by FSDO’s all across the country, our software has become the go-to solution for Career Pilot Training Centers and Part 141 schools. Less mistakes, more efficiency!

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Flight Schedule Pro has been a great asset that has saved our company time and resources, while also giving our clients the freedom and flexibility they need to create and modify their flights.

Nick Faber, Brampton Flight Centre

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