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This is not our first flight when it comes to helping colleges and universites navigate through the procurement process. You have a true partner in Flight Schedule Pro.

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Scheduling Hub

Give controlled access to your schedule so people can see their reservations and book using any device.

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Training Hub

Improve your training quality and consistency. Satisfies Flight School Part 61 and Part 141 record keeping requirements.

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Billing Hub

Check in flights and receive payment all in one solution. Customers can run a tab or prepay to put money on their account.

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Hundreds of EDU Programs Use Flight Schedule Pro

Top Features & Benefits Colleges & Universities Enjoy.

Flight Schedule Pro has so many features and benefits, we can’t name them all.

Budgeting & Managing Costs.

We know that colleges and universities have the need to align their budgets and costs with their fiscal calender. It’s no problem. We can guarantee a fixed cost, annual up-front billing and even offer a 15% off discount for annual subscription payment. Plus, our customer success team will work to onboard your school to be fully confident before the next semester begins.

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Flexible Reporting Options.

It’s important to have access to course details so you can easily produce reports for class schedules, instructors, course outlines and more. In addition, aircraft reports help keep your fleet up to speed with maintenance, squawks and time to next service. Student Progress reports allow you to deep dive into an individuals student activity or back up and see Enrollment Totals, Enrollment Details or even Exam Grades. It’s all online, anytime and anywhere you need it!

Scheduling & Training.

Keep instructors organized and track student progress all the way to graduation. Setup recurring reservations or course schedules and track by activity type. You can have better insight with features like Student Enrollment Dashboard, Student Progress Tracking, and Email Notifications with next lesson details. Students enjoy knowing where they are and how they are doing, but they love how easy it is to use Flight Schedule Pro. It works like the modern software they use every day.

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Student Billing Options.

Flight Schedule Pro has built in options to bill students directly by credit card or debit student funds. You can even load your scholarship funds and charge down the student’s account or loan. With all the costly activity for flight reservations, course studies and more, we made it easy to download all billing activity into Excel or CSV reports to submit to your Accounting Department for processing or integrating into student accounts.

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Part 141 Approved.

Finally, you can go paperless with confidence! Others claim they can do it. Some kinda do. But NOBODY satisfies Part 141 like Flight Schedule Pro. Approved by FSDO’s all across the country, our software has become the go-to solution for Part 141 schools. Plus the added features are also enjoyed by Part 61 programs as well. Less mistakes, more efficiency!

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Flight Schedule Pro helps our flight operation run in a smooth, organized, and efficient way; ultimately providing our customers with an enhanced flight training experience.

Jared Huss, Fox Valley Technical College

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