Make scheduling convenient for you, your customers, and your staff

Give your people quick access to your aircraft scheduler from home. They’ll know when their appointments are, and you’ll capitalize on more opportunities.

Eliminate unnecessary phone calls

Flight Schedule Pro helps keep you and your people on the same page. Need to schedule maintenance or make changes to the aircraft schedule? Email notifications are sent automatically to all affected parties when reservations are created, edited, and deleted.

Get control of your online schedule

Powerful scheduling restrictions put you in control of reservation and cancellation activity. You decide when and who is allowed to make changes to the schedule, and to what extent they’re allowed to do so.

Put yourself at ease

One shared environment gives you instant schedule visibility and control. Get a birds-eye-view of the schedule for your entire fleet for the day, week, and month, or create your own custom views. Generate reservation and cancellation reports by aircraft, customer, and flight type to zoom in on schedule activity.

Communicate more effectively

Use the built-in mass email feature to stay in-touch with your customers and members. Post messages in Flight Schedule Pro for certain groups of users that they’ll see right when they login. You can also create your own image gallery, post bulletin board messages and add links to other websites for your users.

Transition to Flight Schedule Pro seamlessly

Don’t worry about adding users on your own. Simply link your site to your customized login and signup page. Users can get logged in on their own with your approval and can be redirected to your website on logout.

Flight Schedule Pro has features that get the job done.

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