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Quickly identify the status of enrolled students, access detailed training records on-the-fly, and retain secure digital records.


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Adapt to evolving needs and improve the flight training experience to retain students, instructors, and staff.

"We would not have been able to sustain the growth we've seen in the last two years, without it."

JARED HUSS, Chief Instructor & Dept. Chair of Aeronautics, Fox Valley Technical College

Providing superior training experiences for students and instructors.

Flight Schedule Pro aligns your entire program around a central source for documents, data, and progress tracking.

  • Online Student Progress Overview
  • Organized Course Materials
  • Upcoming Lesson Reminder/Details
  • Easy access to grades & certificates
  • Easy Access to Training Records
  • Offline Grading in the Cockpit
  • Streamlined Student Interactions
  • Enhanced Student Insights
  • Class Progress Overview
  • Instructor Efficiency
  • Student & Class Performance
  • Logged Time Analysis

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