Integrations That Connect Flight Schedule Pro with Apps You Love

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Below are just a few cloud based apps we integrate with today. We’re happy to consider other great tools to connect with to make your life easier. Let us know if you have an idea!

Quickbooks Online

Connect Flight Schedule Pro to your Quickbooks Online account to log transactions that occur in Flight Schedule Pro. Eliminate the time and pain associated with double-entry. You can sync transactions manually at a time you choose, or push updates automatically each day.

Google Calendar

Students, Instructors and Staff can all connect Google Calendars to their Flight Schedule Pro account and see just their reserved flights or admins can see all flights depending on roles and settings. It makes it easy to view your schedule on phone, tablet or desktop, anywhere.

Custom API

The Flight Schedule Pro API is made available for developers on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about our API, please contact us.

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