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Once we help you set up our feature-rich Training Hub for Part 141 compliance, you can go about your flying business. We’ve worked with Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO’s) across the U.S. to make our paperless 141 platform easily meet compliance and take the worry out of the manual paper process. No more missing records or mistakes. No more chasing paper. No more heavy administrative hours.

The beauty with Flight Schedule Pro is that you’re simply using our everyday scheduling and training features to help produce the required records and certifications you need for 141 approval. It’s all built in!

How We Did It…

With the ongoing demand for new pilots, our growing customers needed Flight Schedule Pro to handle the complexity of the Part 141 course, instructor, and student requirements, but still provide the easy-to-use software they already love. So we did exactly that.

Working close with FSDO’s, Flight Schools and the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, we built solutions that would meet the provisions of each FAA subpart as it pertains to the normal workflow of daily tasks you perform in Flight Schedule Pro.

Getting Started With Our Paperless 141 Solution…Easier Than You Think

Our Support Team has helped many customers acquire FAA acceptance to use Flight Schedule Pro as their recordkeeping system for Part 141. Many FSDO’s have already recognized and approved Flight Schedule Pro giving you the green light. If not, we’d be happy to work with your Principal Operations Inspector (POI) on your behalf for an easy transition.

Course Management & Record Keeping

Store your approved 141 syllabi, enrollment certificates and safety procedures in Flight Schedule Pro at time of enrollment. Quickly access reports such as enrollment totals your POI may request periodically. Each student’s digital training record contains the following information:

  • The date the student was enrolled in the approved course.
  • A chronological log of the student’s course attendance.
  • Subjects & flight operations covered in the student’s training.
  • The names and grades of any tests taken by the student.
  • The date the student graduated or terminated training, or transferred to another school.

Flight Schedule Pro also provides operators a method for securely storing user information, such as copies of pilot certificates, medical certificates, TSA citizenship validation, and much more. A record of endorsements and aircraft checkout records can be saved as well. This interface satisfies the record keeping requirements for chief, assistant chief, and check instructor approval and recurrent proficiency checks.

Built-In Operations Compliance

Our standard Training Hub already meets the requirements for Student and Instructor Document Management. Plus Flight Schedule Pro’s Scheduing Hub handles Maintenance Descrepancy Reporting and Aircraft Inspection Tracking. The Dispatch and Recovery of Training Flights are logged as well.

Our Digital Signatures Meet FAA Requirements

Every lesson tracked in the student training record interface requires the digital signature of both the instructor and the student and is time stamped to meet FAA requirements. Flight Schedule Pro uses secret electronic codes referred to as Personal Identification Numbers(PIN) as its electronic signature type. Users create their own 4-digit PIN that is securely stored on the FSP server in an encrypted format.

Advanced Roles & Permissions For Instructors

The advanced settings for the Training Hub prevents staff from performing actions outside of 141 compliance. Proper documents and certifications for each instructor are stored in the user profile to ensure they are qualified to teach each corresponding 141 course.

I no longer worry about the daunting task of managing a Part 141 program. Flight Schedule Pro streamlines our operation through enrollment, tracking, and graduation while ensuring Part 141 compliance.

Tyler Brown, Vermont Flight Academy

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