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Recreational to Career Pilot Training
Clermont County Airport
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sporty’s – Training Pilots Worldwide Since 1961

Sporty’s Academy has a superior instructional staff. Our flight instructors aren’t just passing through on their way to another job; they are dedicated to providing the best possible individualized instruction. And they are held accountable, too: strict supervision of your flight training experience ensures that your valuable training dollar is maximized.

Sporty’s instructional staff includes Gold Seal flight instructors and Master designated flight instructors. That means that these instructors meet and exceed rigorous industry standards, and these instructors obtained the distinction of Gold Seal and Master Flight Instructor out of pride of their profession, wanting to be the best possible flight instructor.

Hal Shevers, chairman and founder of Sporty’s, is proud of being a long-time flight instructor. In fact, Hal has so distinguished himself and his high standard of training that he has been inducted into the National Flight Instructor Hall of Fame, an honor granted only a few instructors.

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