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A smart scheduling solution that connects Student, Instructor, and Aircraft availability - removing pressure from your scheduling staff by automating the complex process of manually mapping and scheduling aircraft reservations for your student aviators.

"It’s so labor intensive to keep track of Part 141 records on paper. Flight Schedule Pro makes it bulletproof."

JARED HUSS, Director & Chief Pilot, Fox Valley Technical College
Coordinate flights at scale. Coordinate complex schedules with drag-and-drop layouts and delayed tail assignment. Scheduling and dispatch requirements help ensure both the aircraft and the PIC are flight ready. Scheduling Hub
Create a leading aviation program. Improve the learning environment and student graduation rates with modern web and mobile recordkeeping, progress tracking, and more. Training Hub
Simplify complex billing. Let your students pay with scholarship funds, integrate campus billing, and accept personal payments, all through a single online dashboard. Billing Hub
Tap into reporting and analytics. Share student transcripts or validate the status of your flight program with advanced reporting tools. Empower others to create and share their own reports. Reporting Hub

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Don’t let budget constraints ground your training program. Our friendly subscription model makes it easy to manage program costs over time. Renewals can be aligned with the needs of your procurement department and fiscal year budgeting.

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