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Flight Schedule Pro has been a great asset that has saved our company time and resources, while also giving our clients the freedom and flexibility they need to create and modify their flights.

Nick FaberBrampton Flight Centre

Flight Schedule Pro helps our flight operation run in a smooth, organized, and efficient way; ultimately providing our customers with an enhanced flight training experience.

Jared HussFox Valley Technical College

Flight Schedule Pro gives the CFI and customer a good guideline and takes the guess work out of training. Everyone’s on the same page when it comes to standards and course content. A main factor is the reduction of paper records which is very time consuming and easy too easy to make errors.

Michael KoperaApollo Helicopters

Flight Schedule Pro has the scheduling, dispatching, maintenance and interface that is easy for our staff, and perhaps more importantly...for our clients.

Christopher DillisAspen Flying Club

When customers log in, they see their balance right away. It shows them what they owe at-a-glance and we get paid quicker. The Billing Hub automates our accounting processes and we spend less time collecting money and communicating what’s owed.

Matt DahlineCrosswinds Aviation

We are able to monitor our instructor’s progress with students, and ensure we are keeping on track. The students are happy they’re able to see what they’ll be working on, what they need to review, and a visual look at where the end is.

Denise CruzPacific Air Flight School

Within an hour we had Flight Schedule Pro configured the way we wanted and within minutes, everyone knew how to use it. FSP had the 4.0 look and feel we were looking for and we won’t go without the easy, drag and drop scheduling now that we have it.

Chris ErlansonNashville Flight Training

I no longer worry about the daunting task of managing a Part 141 program. Flight Schedule Pro streamlines our operation through enrollment, tracking, and graduation while ensuring Part 141 compliance.

Tyler BrownVermont Flight Academy

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