May 3

Access Your Sporty’s Syllabus Directly within Flight Schedule Pro

Overland Park, KS: Flight Schedule Pro, a leading provider in flight school management software, announced the release of a new integration with Sporty’s Pilot Shop today that will allow flight school instructors and students to easily access a training syllabus and manage student progress with just a few clicks, at no additional cost.

“We’re developing a better training environment for today’s mobile-connected student. We’re excited to be working with Sporty’s  to achieve this goal,” says Flight Schedule Pro’s CEO, Jasen Barnes.

Flight Schedule Pro’s mission is to allow the world’s top flight schools to grow their business, thus streamlining their operations, with the use of their innovative software. Flight Schedule Pro lets flight schools increase aircraft and instructor utilization, improve student completion rates, and reduce loss because of billing errors.

Flight school syllabi, like those produced by Sporty’s, provide a guide for the instructor and student with objectives and completion standards. It allows the instructor to provide the student with a transparent understanding of what the student will learn, when they will learn it, and how they will be graded. An integration with Sporty’s syllabi makes perfect sense since over 800 operators across the world already trust Flight Schedule Pro’s leading flight school management software.  

Flight Schedule Pro provides an extensive suite of features including online scheduling, billing & point of sale, training management, dispatching & flight record management, maintenance tracking, and communication tools for both staff and students. 

“We’re very pleased that Sporty’s syllabi are now available as an integrated, digital TCO option through our partner, Flight Schedule Pro,” explains Eric Radtke, President of Sporty’s Academy . “The syllabi will help bridge the sophisticated online pilot training system from Sporty’s with our students’ in-airplane training at their local flight school for a complete flight training experience.”

Sporty’s offers a step-by-step, lesson based guide to complete pilot training in a structured environment. Their syllabi include objectives, content, and completion standards to serve as the bridge between your at-home study and what you will accomplish in the airplane.

About Flight Schedule Pro: Flight Schedule Pro is a leading software-as-a-service provider in the aviation industry, serving 800+ operators and booking over 15,000 flights per day. With customers including the U.S Air Force; Lockheed Martin; Boeing; and hundreds of training centers, universities, and colleges across the country, Flight Schedule Pro exists to help flight schools grow and introduce more people to the world of flying.

About Sporty’s Pilot Shop: Sporty’s, the world’s largest pilot shop, has been offering high quality aviation products and supplies for more than 50 years. Many of these products are designed in-house by our staff of pilots and tested in our flight school. Our experience as pilots, as educators, as airport managers, as aviation advocates–along with our many other endeavors–affords us a unique qualification to provide only the products and services that are the best value to our customers.

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