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Beverly Flight Center is a family-owned and operated flight training and aircraft rental facility serving Boston’s North Shore at Beverly Regional Airport for over 45 years. In May of 2021, a dynamic mother and daughter duo, Tina and Emma Anderson teamed up and purchased Beverly Flight Center. With their combined expertise and passion for aviation, their mission is to provide an excellent flight training experience while creating safe, competent, quality pilots. 

Offering both Part 141 and Part 61 flight training, Beverly Flight Center maintains a partnership with North Shore Community College and is a Cirrus Training Center. With 14 aircraft on fleet and 22 flight instructors, they have committed themselves to providing the highest caliber of flight, ground, and simulator training.

The Challenge

"Our flight school was struggling with maintaining customer documents and aircraft squawks. Now they are all easy to edit and view. It is also great that both employees and customers can have full transparency with the aircraft profiles, customer profiles, and the schedule."
Beverly Flight Center was struggling with outdated manual processes that made managing aircraft reservations, customer documents, maintenance tracking, and squawk management cumbersome and inefficient. Being in business for over 45 years, legacy ways of managing encountered significant challenges. Using a paper schedule for reserving aircraft resulted in confusion and scheduling conflicts. Customer documents stored on a computer were disorganized, with students and renters managing their own scanned documents, making it difficult to verify currency easily. Tracking aircraft maintenance on a separate spreadsheet led to a lack of visibility into each aircraft's status, causing potential safety concerns and increased downtime. Additionally, managing aircraft squawks in a separate binder further complicated maintenance tasks and impacted aircraft availability. These disjointed systems highlighted the need for a more streamlined and integrated approach to operations.

Key Points

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The Solution

"Flight Schedule Pro has taken multiple aspects of the business and combined it into one system. It has helped Beverly Flight Center tremendously, and I couldn't imagine our business without it."
Beverly Flight Center, a well-established flight school, faced operational challenges due to outdated manual processes. These challenges hindered their growth potential and impacted the overall student and instructor experience. Recognizing the need for a modern solution, they decided to transition to Flight Schedule Pro and leverage a premium, all-in-one solution for seamless flight operations management.

The adoption of Flight Schedule Pro's Scheduling Hub and Billing Hub enabled Beverly Flight Center to achieve growth success and operational excellence. Scheduling Hub provided a centralized platform for instructors and students to book aircraft reservations effortlessly, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving overall efficiency. The user-friendly interface allowed for real-time updates and notifications, enhancing communication and coordination. Additionally, Billing Hub streamlined their billing processes, automating invoicing, tracking payments, and managing accounts receivable. By integrating the way they do billing with a solution used to schedule, dispatch, and track checked-in aircraft times, Beverly Flight Center not only saved administrative time and reduced errors, but also improved cash flow management and financial transparency.

With Flight Schedule Pro, Beverly Flight Center has:

Improved Efficiency:
Scheduling became more efficient and error-free, leading to better utilization of resources and increased student satisfaction.

Enhanced Financial Management:
Billing Hub streamlined billing processes, resulting in faster payments, reduced late fees, and improved financial visibility.

Greater Customer Satisfaction:
Students and instructors appreciated the seamless booking experience and accurate billing, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Facilitated Growth:
With smoother operations and improved financial management, Beverly Flight Center was able to focus on growth strategies, attracting more students and expanding their training programs.
Simplify Flight Reservation Management. Scheduling Hub
Boost Cashflow While Eliminating Manual Entry Errors. Billing Hub
Increase Student Completion Rates. Training Hub
Plan, Track, & Optimize Aircraft Maintenance. Maintenance Hub

The Results

“We rely on employee feedback, as well as customer feedback. A lot of comments include how user friendly and easy to use Flight Schedule Pro is, and how mostly everything that we need to operate our flight school is centralized in Flight Schedule Pro."
Beverly Flight Center's transition to Flight Schedule Pro and utilization of Scheduling Hub and Billing Hub were instrumental in driving growth success and operational excellence. Streamlining flight operations management not only improved efficiency and customer satisfaction but also laid a strong foundation for future growth and expansion. This success with Flight Schedule Pro has enhanced their operational effectiveness, as well as contributed to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, positioning Beverly Flight Center as a leader in the aviation training industry.

We have been able to mainstream all of our customer profiles, aircraft logbooks, and more. Flight Schedule Pro allows us to be transparent with our customers regarding their profile, as well as our aircraft profiles and the schedule. We can determine different permissions for different roles, such as our Dispatchers, Instructors, and Administration. It has been extremely helpful in our organization!

Tina Anderson, Beverly Flight Center Owner

Tina Anderson and Emma Anderson, Beverly Flight Center Owners