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Since 1946, Moody Aviation has equipped nearly 1,000 graduates as professional pilots, mechanics, and avionics technicians who are equipped to serve in mission, humanitarian relief and commercial work around the globe. Moody’s core focus is to equip the next generation of missionary aviators to take the gospel to the most remote parts of the earth. Their aviation graduates have served in more than 60 countries with over 110 mission organizations and numerous commercial aviation and airline entities. One-on-one mentorship and supervision from faculty with more than 450 years of combined mission and aviation experience makes Moody’s aviation training unique among collegiate aviation programs.

Flight majors earn their FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, Private and Commercial Pilot certifications with an Instrument Rating. Graduates also qualify for the FAA RATP program. Students fly high performance, tailwheel and complex aircraft, participate in wilderness first aid and survival training and are introduced to mountain navigation and unimproved airstrip operations. Maintenance Specialist majors also earn their FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate and go on to receive additional hands-on training in engine overhaul, airframe rebuild, aircraft painting, turbine engine maintenance and repair, avionics system installations, aircraft inspection, troubleshooting, community building and practice servant leadership skills.

The Challenge

"The transition to Flight Schedule Pro has been a significant and tremendous addition to our day-to-day flight operations."
In the dynamic world of aviation, efficient and reliable flight school management is crucial for success. Moody Aviation's reputation of excellence reached a significant milestone recently when they chose Flight Schedule Pro as their trusted solution provider. Known for its commitment to excellence in aviation education, Moody Aviation like others has faced the challenge of optimizing flight scheduling, resource management, and overall operational efficiency. Recognizing the need for a state-of-the-art, digital solution for aircraft reservations and flight records to more efficiently be used with training reports, maintenance timing, billing, planning, and much more, they turned to Flight Schedule Pro, a leading flight school management software provider.

Key Points

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The Solution

"Improvements continue to happen with Flight Schedule Pro, which has been amazing."
Streamlined Scheduling:
One of the key aspects of Moody Aviation's success story with Flight Schedule Pro lies in the streamlined scheduling capabilities. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design allow instructors, students, and administrators to easily manage and coordinate flight schedules. This has not only saved time but has also enhanced the overall learning experience for students.

Resource Optimization:
Flight Schedule Pro's comprehensive features go beyond basic scheduling. Moody Aviation has experienced significant improvements in resource optimization. From tracking instructor and student currency, dispatch, and billing, to aircraft maintenance tracking, the software ensures that every aspect of flight school operations is seamlessly integrated.

Real-Time Updates:
Keeping up with the dynamic nature of flight operations is a challenge. Flight Schedule Pro provides real-time updates on schedule changes, instructor availability, and maintenance status. Moody Aviation can now adapt swiftly to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a smooth and reliable flight training experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:
Flight school administrators at Moody Aviation now have access to valuable insights through Flight Schedule Pro's reporting and analytics tools. Data-driven decision-making has empowered them to identify trends, optimize resources, and make informed choices that contribute to the continuous improvement of the flight school.
Simplify Flight Reservation Management. Scheduling Hub
Boost Cashflow While Eliminating Manual Entry Errors. Billing Hub
Increase Student Completion Rates. Training Hub
Plan, Track, & Optimize Aircraft Maintenance. Maintenance Hub

The Results

“Flight Schedule Pro is the best tool on the market that continues to help us accomplish all the different things we've been trying to accomplish through one program."


Moody Aviation's success story with Flight Schedule Pro exemplifies the transformative power of choosing the right flight school management solution. As they continue to prioritize excellence in aviation education, the partnership with Flight Schedule Pro has become a cornerstone of their operational success. This collaboration not only streamlines their processes but also reinforces their commitment to providing a top-tier learning experience for aspiring aviators. Cheers to Moody Aviation for soaring to new heights with Flight Schedule Pro!

With Flight Schedule Pro, we are now able to schedule further in advance. They have helped make our lives easier because almost everything is available in one place and many items are automated, which has saved us significant time and allowed us to focus on other strategically important areas.

Ian Kerrigan, Moody Aviation Director of Flight Operations