June 15

About BasicMed and How to Track it

As of May 1, 2017 pilots can fly under BasicMed, and our customers have been asking how they can track and enforce the new rule.

Flight Schedule Pro now helps you keep track of BasicMed in order to make sure your pilots are current and qualified.

What is BasicMed?

In case you missed it, BasicMed is a new FAA rule that allows private pilots to skip their periodic physical with an aviation medical ­examiner (AME) and instead complete a free online medical course every 2 years and get a physical from their regular doctor ­every four years.

Pilots only need to have held a medical certificate at any point after July 14, 2006. In other words, pilots with a current medical are automatically eligible. Those with an expired medical will need to determine if their last medical was current as of July 14, 2006.

For example, if a pilot held an FAA medical certificate with an expiration of March 29, 2007, they would qualify for BasicMed. However, if their certificate expired March 29, 2006, they would need to get a new FAA medical one time only in order to be eligible for the new rule in the future.

Pilots who have never held an FAA medical or who have had their medical revoked, suspended, or withdrawn will need to get an FAA medical certificate one time only in order to qualify for BasicMed in the future.

AOPA created an online quiz to help pilots determine if they are eligible for BasicMed.

Why track BasicMed with Flight Schedule Pro?

  • See BasicMed status for your pilots
  • Track and report on BasicMed expirations
  • Set up a dispatch or reservation check to enforce BasicMed currency
  • Allow pilots to view and update their own BasicMed

How does the new BasicMed rule impact flight schools, flying clubs, and FBOs?

Although the rule makes it easier for pilots to maintain medical certification, it makes record keeping more complicated.

In the past, you only needed to track your pilots’ third class medical expiration date.

Now, you’ll need to track eligibility for BasicMed as well as online course and physical examination dates.

Fortunately, Flight Schedule Pro makes it easy to track and enforce BasicMed as well as other pilot documentation.

How do I track and enforce BasicMed with Flight Schedule Pro?

It’s easy to enter BasicMed and pilot medical documentation:

  1. Go to the user profile you want to edit.
  2. Click on “Documents”.
  3. Choose “Medical/BasicMed”.

Screenshot of BasicMed user information

Optionally, you can also give pilots permission to view or update their own information.

You also have the option to set up dispatch or reservation checks.

Simplify all your recordkeeping with Flight Schedule Pro

In addition to tracking BasicMed, Flight Schedule Pro helps you store and enforce pilot and medical certificates, photo IDs, ratings, TSA training and citizenship verification, insurance, and more.  You can also set up and track your own requirements, such as safety meeting attendance. Perhaps most importantly, you can see upcoming expirations at a glance and limit reservations or dispatch based on currency.

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