February 20

ForeFlight or LogTen Pilot Logbook?

Why Professional Pilots Choose LogTen Pilot Log

It’s no surprise that more and more pilots are adopting an electronic pilot logbook as their go-to tool for tracking and managing their flights and records. Paper is out, and electronics are in, but why? It’s pretty simple, as I’m sure many pilots, especially student pilots, are well aware; it’s far too easy to simply misplace your paper logbook. It’s common, just like when you used to tell your grade school teacher that your dog ate your homework, but in reality, you just lost it or didn’t do it. We won’t judge.  

We’re in the 21st century, and while paper logbooks have their place in history, it’s time to utilize cloud-based technology to better protect our vital data and ensure we have multiple backups so that it’s never lost again. What makes this such an important topic? If you’re a pilot, especially a Professional Pilot or aspiring to be, you know how critical it is to have a record of every flight you’ve performed, especially as a PIC. The pilot logbook is the equivalent of your personal health record. It’s a record of every flight you’ve completed. With such crucial information, wouldn’t you want it kept in a safe environment where simply misplacing it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever?

This is why digital pilot logbooks have become the norm, but choosing which tool can be overwhelming. The standard for student pilots and instructors for the past few years is to just use the built-in logbook from ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot. This makes sense in a couple different ways but simply put, it’s just easy. Easy, unfortunately, does not make it right, and eventually, pilots will look to standalone logbook alternatives once their training is complete and minimum hours are met. Simply put, you’ll outgrow the logbook functionality in ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot when you fly professionally. 

So, circling back to your health record, in a pilot’s world, logged hours, certificates, endorsements, eSignatures, and duty times, are the equivalency of your personal health record. Due to the importance of this data, wouldn’t it make sense to start your flight training on day one with the leading professional electronic pilot logbook on the market? LogTen Pilot Log securely stores and manages all of these critical data points in one standalone app, and when it comes time to start applying for jobs, LogTen makes this ridiculously easy through built-in reports that can be shared virtually with the tap of a button. If you’re already using another pilot eLogbook, like ForeFlight, that’s okay; the LogTen team can help you import those logs to a shiny new LogTen account. Also, LogTen is integrated into Flight Schedule Pro, so just an extra perk for all you student pilots and instructors flying at schools that utilize the platform.

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In the end, it’s a straightforward decision to make. If you’re a Professional Pilot or aspiring to be one, start with the industry-leading digital pilot logbook on the market, LogTen Pilot Logbook. Save yourself the time and headache of having to worry about deciphering your logbook in the future once you’ve hit minimums and started the application process. With LogTen, this is done for you, and you’ll have the full support of the LogTen team to address any questions. Train with the best, fly your best and log with the best, LogTen. Blue skies and tailwinds.


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