March 31

Flight Schedule Pro Takes Flight with $31M Investment from Mainsail Partners

Since the early days of Flight Schedule Pro, we’ve always had bold aspirations to create an amazing company that makes a positive impact on the flight training industry and General Aviation as a whole. As we move headfirst into 2022, we now have new resources to become an even better place to work and provide more value to our customers! We're thrilled to announce a $31 million investment from Mainsail Partners to further expand our products, integrations, and customer service capabilities.

Where we began

Nick Wegner and I started Flight Schedule Pro in college to help make booking his flight with an instructor easier. Flight schools back then often ran their schedule on paper, often updated by a single person making and taking a tremendous amount of phone calls each day. We saw an opportunity to eliminate frustration for all parties involved by putting the schedule online.

My favorite part about that story is that by putting the schedule online, we unlocked the time and potential of people at the school so they could focus on more productive and meaningful activities. I can only imagine the impact of this when multiplied over tens of thousands of people. I would like to think that Flight Schedule Pro has played a role in helping the flight training industry serve people better over the last 20 years.

Why we chose Mainsail Partners

We sought a partner that would complement our skillset and help accelerate our growth, and Mainsail stood out for a few key reasons. For one, they have a top notch operations team with deep software experience that will help chart our course. Mainsail’s reputation and the importance they place on relationships is impeccable. Most of all, they believe in our team and vision for the future!

The future is bright

Our leadership and mission remains intact and focused on the flight training industry. As we improve the Flight Schedule Pro platform and introduce new features and integrations, it’s all about listening to our customers and being helpful! With this new injection of capital we will expand our product development and support teams to serve our customers better. I hope this new season of Flight Schedule Pro will be innovative and impactful, in a meaningful way.

We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished to-date, but there is much work to be done to get better for our users. It’s a privilege to get to work with such an amazing industry. The flight training community is made up of smart, resilient people who are inspired by the dream of flight. What an amazing period of history we find ourselves in with the dawn of electric aircraft and a global pilot shortage. I sincerely want to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust over the years - we do not take your faith in us for granted.

From the very beginning, Flight Schedule Pro has been a relentless, grassroots effort from a very small group of people. We’ve been fortunate to gather an amazing team and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together.


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