September 19

You can now schedule classes and meetings with Flight Schedule Pro!


In the past, if you wanted to schedule a staff meeting or a ground school that included lots of people, it was a fairly tedious process of creating appointments one-by-one. Now you can book a class or meeting and select everyone who will attend, right within a single booking on Flight Schedule Pro. If you choose to, we’ll notify the class instructor or meeting host by email automatically, as well as any selected attendees.

If you remove someone from a class or meeting, we’ll email them to let them know they’re no longer a part of the meeting. Need to reschedule? No problem – we’ll let everyone know the new time via email.  They’ll also see the updated time in their list of upcoming appointments on FSP.

This feature is only available on Flight Schedule Pro v4

If you signed up in the last 9 months, you’re already using v4. This feature is not available on version 3 – it’s time to schedule your free upgrade to v4!

Can people signup or register for classes on their own?

Not yet. This feature is designed for internal scheduling purposes only; people cannot register or sign up for classes or meetings on their own, nor can they remove themselves from a class or meeting.  This release allows a front desk person or scheduler to book others into a group class or meeting. If the Class Instructor, Meeting Host, or an Attendee of a meeting or class needs to be added or removed, this should also be accomplished internally.

Using this feature may increase the cost of your subscription.

Classes and Meetings are scheduled in Meeting Rooms. Each Meeting Room you add counts as an additional billable resource toward your Flight Schedule Pro subscription.

How do I schedule a new class or meeting?

Only users who have permission to schedule for all users are allowed to book classes and meetings.  To do so, click the blue “Book Now” button from the Schedule and click “New Class/Meeting”. You’ll need to add a Meeting Room before you can book a class or meeting (just click “+ Add Meeting Room” in the Meeting Room drop down).

How do I edit a meeting or class I scheduled?

All classes and meetings are scheduled in a Meeting Room and Meeting Rooms you add to Flight Schedule Pro can be seen on the Schedule tab. If you’ve created a Meeting Room and don’t see it on the schedule, you may need to modify your Filter (click the “Filter” button while viewing the schedule). Notice that “Meeting Rooms” are a new option when applying a Quick Filter or when adding or editing a saved filter. If you have multiple meeting rooms, it may make sense to create a new saved filter that only includes these rooms.

What can users see about scheduled classes and meetings?

If a user is successfully booked as the Class Instructor, Meeting Host, or an Attendee, they will see the class or meeting on their list of upcoming appointments. Keep in mind, anyone you’ve given access to view the schedule can see meeting room schedules. However, only users who have permission to schedule for all users can edit classes and meetings.


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