November 2

NEW Aircraft Times Enhancements


Flight Schedule Pro continues to work on expanding our features as we enhance our maintenance offerings!

Time Since Overhaul Tracking

Part 91.417 requires tracking the “time since last overhaul of all items installed on the aircraft which are required to be overhauled on a specified time basis.” How is your organization tracking these times? Pen and paper or maybe even a software that hasn’t been updated in over a decade? Boost efficiency and never miss a beat by automatically tracking this information, in addition to the total time in service on both engines and props. Break out those logbooks, enter the current time since the last overhaul and let us do the rest!

Let Us Do the Math

Math can be difficult and extremely time consuming. Ditch the mental math by calculating and tracking adjustment values automatically.

Parts Change

Throughout time you run into instances where parts break, such as meters. With this release, Flight Schedule Pro now supports part changes on meters. This allows you to change any meter on the aircraft and our platform will now recalculate the meter adjustment values without changing the Time Since Overhaul or Total Time in Service values on the airframe, engine, or props based on that meter. Focus on the maintenance, not the math!

Updated Aircraft Profile

Check this out. Our team worked hard to provide you with these Aircraft Times enhancements and we wanted to bring it one step further by also delivering a refreshing new look and feel to the aircraft profile!

Next Steps

Take a look around and ask questions! A few things to keep in mind while you are navigating through this update:

  • As these new features are being rolled out, every engine and prop will automatically begin tracking Time Since Overhaul from zero. We highly recommend going through your fleet and updating the TSOH value to be accurate the next time maintenance is performed on the aircraft.
  • Optionally create new maintenance reminders to notify you when overhauls come due. As always, we recommend using our new templates functionality by aircraft make and model to maximize the power of your reminders. PSST!  There will be more functionality in Reminder Templates coming your way soon!

Nick, our Customer Success Manager (and resident claim-to-fame) created the following videos to help introduce you to these powerful new features.

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