April 3

Flight Schedule Pro Announces Integration With Gleim Aviation Syllabus

Gleim Aviation
Overland Park, KS – Flight Schedule Pro has partnered with Gleim Aviation as part of its Training Content Partner Program, designed to enable flight schools to track student progress electronically through seamless integration of the acclaimed Gleim syllabi into Flight Schedule Pro’s online system.

“With hundreds of successful flight schools already using our scheduling and management software, integrating student training records was the next logical step.” says Nick Wegner, CTO and Co-Founder of Flight Schedule Pro.

The integration enables Student Training subscribers to drop courses into their account with a few clicks, at no additional cost. This update makes Flight Schedule Pro a one-stop solution for flight schools to manage their entire flight training operation online. Part 141 flight schools seeking an easier way to maintain student records will find that this software makes compliance with regulations much easier and brings a host of reporting tools.

Flight Training Course Overview

The new Student Training product joins the full suite of Flight Schedule Pro services for  scheduling flights, tracking aircraft maintenance, and managing student accounts and billing, and even serves as a point of sale system for a retail pilot shop. In addition to assisting with FAA and TSA compliance records, numerous reports help instructors to manage their schedules, mechanics to record their aircraft maintenance, and managers to track their business finances.

Flight Schedule Pro’s accessibility and ease of use make it a great service for academic users of all kinds. Students can access their training online from a desktop or mobile device to see their progress and performance, while instructors use that information to plan each lesson. Instructor reassignment is a snap, allowing different flight instructors to continue teaching a student without missing crucial information. School managers love the fact that their records are managed in a secure digital solution, reducing paper consumption and ensuring that records are quickly accessible and easily understood. The Gleim Syllabus can be added to Flight Schedule Pro with only one click, and students can start being enrolled right away.

“The syllabus is the backbone of any flight training program,” says Paul Duty, Chief Flight Instructor at Gleim Aviation. “I was already impressed with the Flight Schedule Pro software. Now that the Gleim syllabi are part of the program, it is simple to track the progress of anyone doing sport, private, instrument, or commercial pilot training.” 

Gleim Aviation Training Course

The Gleim Aviation syllabus ties into a number of related training materials that students need to complete their training. If the student is missing any materials, they can easily be obtained from links in the course descriptions.

About Flight Schedule Pro

Flight Schedule Pro is a leading software-as-a-service provider in the aviation industry, serving 800+ operators and booking over 15,000 flights per day. With customers including the U.S Air Force; Lockheed Martin; Boeing; and hundreds of training centers, universities, and colleges across the country, Flight Schedule Pro exists to help flight schools grow and introduce more people to the world of flying.

About Gleim Aviation

Since 1980, the Gleim Aviation team of pilots, instructors, writers, designers, and programmers has helped aviators pass millions of FAA knowledge and practical tests using the unique Gleim Knowledge Transfer System. Gleim is an environmentally-friendly company headquartered in Gainesville, FL.

For more information, visit Gleim Aviation online.

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