July 24

Impact Your Bottom Line with Advanced Reporting


It would not be an understatement to say that data is universal, considering the fact that, according to Forbes, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. To give you a solid visual of how much data this truly is, lay 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 pennies out flat and you will cover the Earth five times. What good is all this available data if you’re not doing anything with it? Advanced reporting tools allow you to look deeper into your data to find trends and improve on your existing operational procedures.

Push the Limits of What a Report Can Tell You

Advanced reporting allows you to create more sophisticated reports by utilizing elements such as a report builder, custom dashboards, scheduled reports and other advanced functions. Integrate data fields or create charts for better visualization. Sort, search, filter and group data for variations. Explore built in functions to produce custom reports on the spot and get the right information you need for your flight school.

What Does Advanced Reporting Offer?

At the most essential level, data reporting tools are built to support the presentation of information so that anyone can easily understand the data being shared. Any form of reporting, whether it be standard or advanced, should be created for ease of use. When you start getting into tools that are overly complicated or difficult to use, then the entire process becomes an ongoing support ticket, therefore making it lose much of the value it is supposed to bring.

The main objective of an advanced reporting tool is to convert any data into actionable insight that can help you make clearer, evidence-based decisions for your flight school. Users can create custom datasets, build visuals and generate reports. Using these advanced reporting methods allow you to take total control over your data in a user-friendly approach, drilling down to the information that truly matters. Data that is presented visually is easier to comprehend and permits for more information to be absorbed rapidly. Utilizing a drag-and-drop dashboard functionality with visual displays help bring everything together clearly to users at all levels.

We mentioned a few key features above that advanced reporting tools bring to the table, but how can these features be of benefit to your flight school? A report builder will allow you to create and share beautiful customized reports with your entire organization that would normally require a technical staff member to develop. Scheduled reports permit you to automate and send reports on a defined schedule. Custom dashboards can be populated and shared with visuals that mean the most to you across many different datasets. Other advanced functions allow you to use formulas, charts and cross tabs so that large amounts of data can be easily digested using complex analysis.

Advanced Reporting Visual GalleryAdvanced Reporting Dashboard

Flight Schedule Pro’s Advanced Reporting Module

Dynamically take robust data analysis and digest into rapid KPI visualizations. Flight Schedule Pro’s reporting module is a tool that allows you to both manage and interact with your flight school data within one centralized system. Diving deep into your data will bring you to a cause and effect approach to solving performance problems or maintaining overall success. Use your data within Flight Schedule Pro’s reporting foundation to back your decisions and justify each move you make.

Empower your flight school to do more with your data and streamline communication using a report builder. It can be extremely overwhelming when a report floods you with 500+ data points at once, right?  Expand the use of this data by customization, adding in formulas followed by building out a summary with visual charts and cross tabs.  Any process or task that you’re able to automate, take advantage of it. Reports that are required to be shared with both internal and external individuals can be placed on a schedule and routinely sent out. Doing so removes one less task from your to-do list and diminishes the percentage of error.

Save Time with Advanced Reporting Functionality

It may seem apparent, but information is intended to inform. With the appropriate reporting tools, flight schools gain the advantage of having consistent, accurate information to base decision making off of. Data may not be challenging to come by in our world today, but this doesn’t mean that flight schools shouldn’t recognize its value. The right reporting tool can make a substantial difference in terms of how data is being used, whether it’s enhancing productivity or improving efficiency.


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