February 28

Veterans Affairs Flight Training and Billing Solution Now Available

Complete the Monthly Certification of Flight Training VA Form for Each Veteran Student, Instantly.

Does your Part 141 flight school accept students looking to advance their pilot qualifications with Veterans Affairs funding? If you answered yes to this question, then you already know that it is not just the military veterans jumping through time-consuming hoops to satisfy all necessary VA funding requirements. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a three to four-hour task per student anymore when you use Flight Schedule Pro’s Billing Hub and Training Hub combined. Our team has invested a lot of time and effort to help flight training organizations, such as yours, continue to support our military veterans on their flight training journey by eliminating the cumbersome, manual task of summarizing a student’s flight instruction, hours, and cost within each reporting period.


Flight Schedule Pro's VA Funded Flight Training Solution

Our newest release dials in on invoicing specifically for military veteran student pilots who are eligible to receive VA Education Benefits. At the end of each month, a “Monthly Certification of Flight Training” form is required by the Department of Veterans Affairs to be filed, error-free, for the student to receive their funding. This form requests details on what course the student is currently enrolled in, each type of flight instruction they’ve received, how many hours were logged for each instruction at what rate per hour, the list goes on. If you find yourself or members of your staff spending countless hours backtracking training logs and invoices, think about the potential revenue that is being missed by not being available for instruction.

Flight operations who have integrated Flight Schedule Pro’s billing and training solution into their daily operations can now efficiently complete VA Form 22-6553c within minutes by having instant visibility of training information broken down on each student’s billing statements.

With the proper permissions, a user who has accessibility to create invoices can add course and lesson values to a student invoice. If a lesson is scheduled as part of a reservation, these values will fill in automatically. Anyone who has permissions to manage these invoices also has the flexibility to add, edit or remove course and lesson values after an invoice has been completed.

Want to see how our platform can alleviate all your VA-related tasks? Schedule a live demo here with our team!


Next Steps

If you are currently subscribed to both Training Hub and Billing Hub, the only action item required is to simply enjoy the time we have now freed up for you to do what you do best, fly.

BONUS Get EVEN MORE Out of Your Data

If you’re subscribed to our Advanced Reporting Hub, be sure to check out the Analyze Invoices grid. You can now add both course and lesson columns to the dataset!



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