Case Study: Fox Valley Tech College

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Over 250% Growth in Two Years with FSP

The Challenge

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) started their Part 61 (now 141 program) using paper record keeping. In the 90’s and 2000’s they used a local server software that eventually cost too much to maintain and found it wasn’t reliable after several software crashes. In 2009 they began searching for a modern solution to handle the complexity of operating a flight school.

Key Points

  • Must have easy scheduling with maintenance tracking
  • Wanted a cloud-based solution they didn’t have to maintain
  • Needed to be dependable with no crashes, no data risk

Jared Huss, Chief Instructor at FVTC, stated, “when our internal software went down, we had to scramble and switch back to paper to keep operations running smoothly”.

The Solution

Flight Schedule Pro: Scheduling Hub, Training Hub and Billing Hub all integrated into one system. Jared Huss, Chief Instructor says “Flight Schedule Pro has robust scheduling and all the data points for booking you want, plus it cross-checks with maintenance which is great for safety and FAA audits.”

FVTC enjoys the custom setup for maintenance where if a squawk is reported, you can ground a plane (off the schedule) until it’s been repaired. Also that the software can email pilots and students to let them know their flight needs to be rescheduled. Everyone is in the know!

“The Training Hub removes the element of human error that occurs when using paper records. FSP’s electronic records have built-in logic to double check that all information is accurate. With the Billing Hub, students can see how much flight time they’ve paid for, how much is left and if they need to add more funds to their account.”

The Results

Jared claimed, “Without Flight Schedule Pro, we would not be able to sustain the growth we’ve had in the last two years”. FVTC grew from 19 students in fall of 2017 to 67 in fall, 2019 and…No More Downtime!


Founded in 1912, Fox Valley Technical College is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. As the largest higher education system in the state, the college serves about 50,000 people annually, more than any other technical college in Wisconsin. Their Aviation Program started back in 1991.

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It’s so labor intensive to keep track of Part 141 records on paper. Flight Schedule Pro makes it bullet-proof.

Jared Huss
Chief Instructor & Dept. Chair of Aeronautics

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