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Online & Mobile Scheduling

Give others controlled access to your online schedule so they can see their appointments and book using any device. You have full control over what people can and cannot do. Scheduling is made easy with our new drag-n-drop interface so bookings can be rescheduled with ease.

Dispatching & Flight Recording

Customize dispatch requirements to verify pilot currency and maintenance status prior to take-off. Or, simply check in reservations to keep a detailed record of flight activity.

Track Aircraft Maintenance

Create maintenance reminders to stay on top of aircraft maintenance status. Allow maintenance personnel to track and record the resolution of each issue. Enforce airworthiness checks at the time a reservation is made or at the time of dispatch to help ensure the aircraft is airworthy prior to takeoff.

Store & Enforce Pilot Records

Store and enforce pilot and medical certificates, flight reviews, endorsements, ratings, TSA, aircraft type checkouts, and more. Setup and track your own custom requirements, such as safety meeting attendance or a one-time checkout. Show pilots their current status based on your records and see upcoming expirations at a glance .

Built-in Payment Processing (optional add-on)

Check in flights and receive payments in one seamless experience. Let customers run up a tab or prepay to put money on account. Restrict scheduling based on outstanding balances. Other notable features include price-levels, fuel reimbursements, and automatic sync with QuickBooks.


Student Training Records

Coming Soon…currently in Closed Private Beta. Offline iPad app for lesson and task grading. Satisfies Part 61 and Part 141 record keeping requirements and can be customized to meet the needs of our current customers located in over 35 countries outside the United States. Track student course enrollment and generate student progress reports.

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Communicate & Promote

Your new online scheduling portal is designed to improve communication with your staff, customers, and members. Post online messages or use built-in messaging to send mass emails to registered users about upcoming events and promotions.

Maintain Control

Create groups of users and customize what each group is allowed to do using roles and permissions. Limit scheduling activity, give read only access to the schedule, hide other users contact info from certain groups . . . you name it!

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