Interactive Reports with Rich Customization

Monitor, track, and execute your most important initiatives.

Our mission of reporting is to empower users to derive insights from their data that otherwise wouldn’t be available and to give access to powerful BI tools to help organizations analyze and manipulate their data.

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Standard Reporting

One of the main objectives of Flight Schedule Pro’s reporting module is to provide a tool to deliver insights in a format that can be easily accessed, reviewed and acted upon. Understand the data that drives your flight school and explore what’s possible.

Interact with Your Data Using Powerful Analysis Grids

Make impactful business decisions by utilizing Flight Schedule Pro’s analysis grids and interact with your data. Take advantage of what these grids are capable of by merging primary data sets together for deeper analysis, saving the filters you’ve already constructed for rapid access and distributing analysis grids out to preferred users within your organization with the sharing feature.

Advanced Reporting

Spend more time analyzing your data, and less time manually putting it together. If you manage a team, then you know how powerful it is to have repeatable and clearly defined processes, but truly effective processes are hard to come by. Flight Schedule Pro is excited to announce Advanced Reporting – a powerful new module built to drive KPI’s and impact your bottom line.

Setup & Trigger Scheduled Reports

Keep everyone on the same page without adding one more task to your to-do list. Scheduled reports save time and automates processes, minimizing room for error and ensuring your reports are being sent out on time. Simply drop in emails of both internal and external members of your organization to share custom built reports presenting the data that really matters.

Visualize Multiple Data Points Using Advanced Functions

Advanced functions allow you to expand the use of your data and visualize multiple data points into more digestive reports, all inside one centralized system. Insert formulas to filter, sort and aggregate, diving deep into your data, charts to create a visual that helps process complex analysis, and cross tabs to present the relationship between two pieces of data.

Translate Any Data into Actionable Insights Using Custom Dashboards & Reports

Custom dashboards is your one stop shop to monitor and track key metrics related to the success of your flight school on a daily basis. The report builder empowers users to translate any data into actionable insight, drilling down to the information that truly matters. Populate custom dashboards with visuals saved in your visual gallery that mean the most to you across many different data sets. Every time you or a member within your organization that you’ve shared with clicks to view a dashboard, it will reflect a fresh, live update.

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