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Norwich Case Study

Norwich Aviation Centre’s (NAC) journey as a flight school operating in the UK was cleared for takeoff on August 16, 2023, when Robert Clarke, NAC’s founder, CEO, and avid pilot, touched down at Norwich Airport (EGSH, NWI) and opened the doors to what is now known as a leading flight training establishment in East Anglia.

Fast forward to 4 months later, Norwich Aviation Centre has expanded their fleet count to support around 70 student pilots, which include three PA28 aircraft with two additional in route. All aircraft are equipped with Garmin GTN650’s and G5’s and one aircraft now arriving offering a Garmin G3X Touch, GI 275, GTN 750 and a GFC 500 Autopilot.

The Challenge

As a fresh, new school entering the competitive flight training space, attracting quality instructors, quality equipment and quality processes became top priority in order to be successful while building a high reputation. From that, Robert began his search for a modern and innovative way to manage NAC’s day-to-day flight ops that checked all of the boxes; fuel flight school growth, support his flight instructors and staff, and most importantly, foster a student-led customer experience that goes beyond just providing excellent flight training.

Key Points


The Solution

"Norwich Aviation Centre is a success through complete transparency, which Flight Schedule Pro offers our clients. We use Flight Schedule Pro to ensure our customers have 100% visual access to all of their transactions and training records."
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom can be challenging to meet requirements for compliance, just as it can be with any other aviation authority. There are two common struggles flight operators face while training student aviators: 1. Maintaining documentation of student training records and 2. Locating where each training record is stored. Pair these two challenges with the need for constant monitoring of certification approvals and standards and you could find yourself in a tough spot, especially if your flight operation is paper-based, which was NAC’s solution before finding Flight Schedule Pro. Flight Schedule Pro makes managing Norwich Aviation Centre's day-to-day easy as everything is contained in one central and digital location. “Flight Schedule Pro is fully integrated in every part of our business and is also used as a marketing tool to show our commitment to transparency in the UK flight sector market,” said Robert Clarke.
Increasing Aircraft Utilization. Scheduling Hub
Creating Billing Transparency. Billing Hub
Cultivating Student Success. Training Hub
Monitoring KPIs to Improve. Reporting Hub
Eliminating Double-Entry. QBO Integration

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The Results

“The deployment and implementation of Flight Schedule Pro was easy. Flight Schedule Pro as a company was super fantastic in supporting us to get started, especially when we met challenges with property which delayed our official opening. Flight Schedule Pro and their support is very good.”
Since implementation, Norwich Aviation Centre has reported major success with reliable tracking of their resources, as well as student training records.

Flight Schedule Pro’s Reporting Hub is at the top of NAC’s list when it comes to their favorite solution within the platform. Utilizing a reporting engine that is integrated with every part of their flight school has helped NAC identify KPIs as part of their first year compliance management structure assessment and will provide clear visibility on where they track for years to come, fueling growth and success.

Flight Schedule Pro has been instrumental in providing our customers with unprecedented transparency, fostering trust and confidence in our services as a new company.

One of the standout features of Flight Schedule Pro is its ability to empower our customers to actively engage with their journey to becoming a pilot. The software allows students to contribute to their progress, training records, and overall experience. This transparency not only enhances the learning process but also strengthens the relationship between NAC and our valued clientele.

Robert M Clarke, Norwich Aviation Centre CEO

In an industry where trust is paramount, Flight Schedule Pro has become a cornerstone in our efforts to build and maintain credibility, especially in the wake of the challenges faced by multiple flight schools in the UK in 2023, some of which are no longer trading. Those collapsed businesses, some reputable names, have taken tens of thousands of british pounds of students money with them, instilling a fear amongst aviators to invest with UK flight schools. Flight Schedule Pro and NAC’s approach to transparency enables students to access and review all transactions they have with our company, instilling a sense of accountability and reliability.

Robert M Clarke, Norwich Aviation Centre CEO

The ease of use of the Flight Schedule Pro software is commendable. Its user-friendly interface has streamlined our operations, making it accessible and efficient for both our staff and students. This simplicity has contributed significantly to the positive experience our customers have with NAC.

Affordability is a critical consideration for any institution, and Flight Schedule Pro delivers on this front. The reasonable pricing structure makes it a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality or quality. Flight Schedule Pro truly offers value for money when compared to its competitors.

Robert M Clarke, Norwich Aviation Centre CEO

The support we've received from the Flight Schedule Pro team based in the United States has been exceptional. Their responsiveness and dedication to assisting us in optimizing the software for our specific needs have been key to our successful implementation. Knowing that we have a reliable and supportive team behind the product adds an extra layer of confidence.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Flight Schedule Pro goes above and beyond by complying with EU/UK GDPR regulations. Their team actively supported the implementation of an international data transfer agreement to ensure full compliance with EU/UK GDPR regulations. This commitment to data protection further demonstrates Flight Schedule Pro’s dedication to providing a secure and trustworthy solution.

Robert M Clarke, Norwich Aviation Centre CEO

Flight Solutions Pro has been a transformative force at Norwich Aviation Centre. It has not only elevated transparency and trust but has also contributed to the overall success and satisfaction of our students. We wholeheartedly recommend Flight Schedule Pro to any aviation institution seeking a reliable, user-friendly, affordable, and GDPR-compliant software solution.

Robert M Clarke, Norwich Aviation Centre CEO

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About Norwich Aviation Centre

Norwich Aviation Centre (NAC) is a dynamic and forward-thinking aviation institution founded by a group of passionate and seasoned professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Their mission is to revolutionize flight training in the United Kingdom, ushering in a new era of excellence, Safety, Integrity, and Transparency.

NAC is dedicated to providing a fresh and vibrant approach to flight training, designed to meet the unique needs of student pilots. With a team of experienced and committed instructors, NAC is poised to nurture the next generation of skilled aviators, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the aviation industry.