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Beginning in 2003, US Aviation provides professional flight training, aviation services and support to global customers. They are headquartered at the Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) in Denton, TX. US Aviation currently operates a fleet of over 125 aircraft with an employee base of over 250 individuals and three locations. The Academy focuses on training cadets who are pursuing a professional career in aviation using a fleet of over 100 aircraft and simulators.

The Challenge

As US Aviation grew, they increased students, instructors and aircraft, plus added locations. They tried using other software and even a custom-built, proprietary software to handle their growth. But they experienced excessive downtime that left them scrambling to spreadsheets and considering the return to paper processes. It was bad enough in the afternoons, as more users entered the software, they could only look at the schedule, but couldn't reserve flights or make edits.

Justin Sykes, from US Aviation also commented that one cloud-based software they tried had decent scheduling, but it didn't sync with their training courses and did not sync to student billing and accounting.

Key Points


The Solution

Flight Schedule Pro: Scheduling Hub, Training Hub, Billing Hub and credit card processing integrated into one system.

Justin said he chose Flight Schedule Pro because it was intuitive and easy to use. Their favorite features are 141 Record Keeping, Powerful Scheduling, and Instructors "Recommend for Graduation" setting that improves quality of graduates, completing the program. Also being able to invoice and receive payments from an airline sponsor vs. the student and blocking reservations when students have negative balances. Flight Schedule Pro has given them the option for self-dispatch which they always wanted to offer.
Maximize Aircraft Utilization For Your Fleet. Scheduling Hub
Boost Cashflow While Eliminating Manual Entry Errors. Billing Hub
Elevate Student Pilot Success and Boost Audit Efficiency Training Hub
Plan, Track, and Optimize Aircraft Maintenance Maintenance Hub

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The Results

The overall ease-of-use is exactly what US Aviation was looking for. Time satsifying audits has been cut by 50%. Self-service dispatching has reduced dispatching labor by 30%. Increased visibility into balances owed, means less time pursuing students for money. The system is efficient and keeps them from losing thousands each year in errors and missed invoicing. "Finally...everyone is on the same page!"

The information you need isn't buried deep into the software and hard to find. It's right where you'd expect it.

Justin Sykes, US Aviation Academy