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Private Pilot Syllabus

Sporty’s Academy – Private Pilot Training

At Sporty’s Academy, we believe in making the most efficient use of your time and money while creating a fun and rewarding experience. Our 55 years in flight education has taught us that customers learn most effectively with information divided into manageable steps or modules.

This is why we deliver flight training in a modular format beginning with first solo. Each module will build on previous information – a building-block approach to your pilot experience. And each module can be completed as a stand-alone depending on your piloting goals and resources you may have to invest. Getting started is easy! There are no enrollment forms or fees –  is only a matter of scheduling your flight.

For your ground training and written test prep, we utilize the Sporty’s complete online Learn to Fly Course.

Private Pilot

A Private certificate allows additional freedom to travel across the country into larger airports with no restrictions on the number of passengers that can be carried or limitation on aircraft size. You can fly in both day and night conditions. A Private pilot may also receive additional training to earn an instrument rating, complex endorsement, and other options that will allow you to fly in more advanced aircraft and in more diverse weather conditions.

Minimum age to solo is 16. You must be at least 17 years of age to earn your license and obtain an FAA medical certification (basic physical).


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