September 3

Adapt to New Processes and Procedures


2020 Distancing

Flight schools worldwide are having to adjust standard operating procedures to make both students and instructors feel at ease that health factors are being observed, because let’s face it, pre-COVID days just don’t cut it. Masks are being worn, airplanes are being wiped down before and after every use, post-flight and pre-flight discussions are taking place over the phone or through video conferencing. Although no one has figured out how to maintain six feet of separation inside a cockpit, what Flight Schedule Pro has figured out is the ability to digitize your flight school operations.

Cutting down face to face instructor vs student time can be detrimental to your flight schools overall student success rate, right? Your student is feeling less engaged, less determined, and all in all just alone through their journey. It doesn’t have to be this way. Flight schools are trading up old processes including paper training, which have a trail of being handed off from one person over to the next and implementing digital training through Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub.

Elevate the Training Experience

Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub has played a huge part in the re-opening of flight schools across the globe. Not only does it allow for better practice of social distancing, but it also puts more standardization in place. Think about it this way, when everything is accessed digitally it limits the need for facility access, keeping the amount of people inside your training facility to an absolute minimum.

Training Hub has powerful features that will improve the quality of training your students receive and minimize in-person interactions.

Our world runs on being mobile, so why not align your training processes to do the same? With this tool, both students and instructors benefit by utilizing the Flight Schedule Pro application wherever they are, whether it is at home on the couch or flying in an airplane.

Retain Students

When you are new to the flying, you want to have the most rewarding experience that keeps your motivation level high from start to finish. Flight training has its challenging moments for students and COVID has seemed to have thrown a curveball into the mixture. With Training Hub, students can access a detailed lesson summary prior to any type of training session, whether it is a flying lesson or a grounded one. These detailed summaries are automatically emailed to the student beforehand, answering the question of “What are we doing today?” days before the actual lesson and provides recommended reading materials to better prepare themselves. Students can track their progress, view grades of each lesson and can also check themselves in and out without having to swarm admins at the front desk.

Remove Redundancy

 As an instructor, you play a huge role in the success of an aspiring pilot. Not only do you control whether your students pass or fail on each lesson, but you are also responsible for keeping everyone safe along the way. Training Hub provides a fast and accurate way of maintaining student records. Instructors have the capacity to submit grades and document feedback in real-time, whether that be in a classroom or up in the sky for the student to review upon completion. Data entry can get messy, especially when you are entering grades for multiple students at once. Having the ability to submit both grades and feedback while a lesson is in progress will provide solid, reliable data and minimizes any room for error. Funnel down on how each instructor is doing by viewing how many students are on track versus the amount who have fallen behind. Utilize this data to make improvements on flight instruction and in response, increase your flight schools overall student success rate.

Digitize Your Operations

Training hub gives flight schools the ability to easily track student progress, facilitate discussions about flight training and build reports that interpret the success of flight training across your organization. Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub helps organizations take their documentation and digitize it in a more secure and accurate way. This results in better record keeping for students and flight schools, keeping students on track and safety at an all time high. Check out how Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub can benefit you and your organization by scheduling a live demo with our team!


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