May 1

New Aircraft Maintenance Reminder Improvements

As you may have heard, we’re working on some exciting features in the area of aircraft maintenance. As a setup project for this, we just released new updates to maintenance reminders that make it easier to manage your fleet!

Reminder Templates

The most notable improvement is the ability to create Templates for reminders such as 100 hour inspections, ELT battery tests, ATC inspections, etc, and quickly apply them to many aircraft at once.  You no longer have to create a reminder per aircraft to manage your fleet. Simply edit the template and changes will be applied to each aircraft associated with the Template! While editing, you can add or remove aircraft from a template, and even change the frequency of the reminders. Reminders are also more flexible now, enabling you to apply any combination of date, time, and/or cycle information.

Resolve & History

Aircraft maintenance history

In addition, we’ve enhanced reminders to keep a running history of when the reminder was resolved. The need to edit a reminder each time it’s reset, will be permanently grounded! Instead, simply resolve it with the relevant date, time, or cycle completion information, and the system will automatically calculate next due and add a record to the aircraft reminder history.

Next Steps

No action is required on your part, but you should be aware of a few changes. In order to roll out this new feature, we took any existing reminders and migrated them to become their own template, each with one aircraft associated to it. The reminders will behave identically to how they behave today. We recommend that you start to consolidate your common reminders per aircraft make and model into a single template over time, most likely the next time a reminder needs to be reset. By doing so, you’ll maximize the benefits of these new capabilities and reduce the amount of management required for reminders. However, there’s no time pressure for transitioning to templates.

Nick, our Customer Success Manager (and resident claim-to-fame) created the following video tutorial to help introduce you to the new reminders features.

Video Thumbnail


Have questions? Please reach out and we’ll help you get up and running!

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