July 6

Flight Schedule Pro Launches Maintenance Hub's Parts and Inventory Tracking

Gain a competitive advantage with a more efficient aircraft parts and inventory management solution.

iconsToday, Flight Schedule Pro is proud to announce the launch of a key feature for our Maintenance Hub platform: Parts and Inventory! Maintenance Hub subscribers can now add both parts and stock records into Flight Schedule Pro that will enable real-time tracking of parts by serial number, status, condition, or location. Maintenance crews will benefit from utilizing our Parts and Inventory capabilities by receiving real-time alerts as part quantities change or as parts are nearing critical replacement dates, gain visibility into real-time demand tracking as your mechanics knock out work orders, as well as picking capabilities that will allow management to enable access control to those who stock and distribute aircraft parts. With Flight Schedule Pro’s Maintenance Hub, tracking parts and inventory has never been smarter, faster, or easier!

Your inventory - organized!

add-alertsThe inventory module enables your maintenance department with the ability to define and organize aircraft parts by location and bin. This module alone will minimize the time it takes for inventory to be located and drive a positive impact on work order turnaround times. Mechanics and Parts Managers can create both serialized and non-serialized parts, as well as set status, condition, buy cost, and sell price for individual stock records or serialized parts. By setting both minimum and maximum values for each inventory location, users receive alerts when inventory is nearing or at low stock and global parts demand throughout the system guarantees your aircraft mechanics will never run out of parts again. This will help eliminate AOG shipping costs, and expedite the aircraft’s return to the field. Parts and Inventory also offers the ability to assign expiration information so that you’ll always be alerted when parts such as ELT batteries, for example, are approaching key dates. Use labels to efficiently organize inventory with as many key words as desired or even filter your entire inventory down to effortlessly view just the parts that have active alerts or parts needing attention. This feature also allows users to attach airworthiness records, paperwork, pictures, or notes to ensure aircraft documentation can be easily accessed in an instant. With the parts and stock records analysis grids, your maintenance shop now has the full power of Flight Schedule Pro’s Reporting Hub!

Seamlessly integrated with work orders.

add-to-WOProvide your aircraft mechanics with the convenience of requesting any parts required to complete a job directly within their work order, indicating both the quantity and date needed. These requests become visible to the entire shop, allowing your crew to work seamlessly together. To take things to the next level, pre-build your most commonly used parts into your maintenance reminders so that any part requests are automatically created anytime routine maintenance comes due. Inventory users can then effortlessly pick parts from the various stock records, ensuring first in, first out (FIFO) or last in, first out (LIFO) part utilization based on condition or availability. Parts and Inventory allows mechanics to document any parts removed from an aircraft, establishing the origin for any parts that are brought back under inventory management. Are you looking for ways to make fulfilling part requests smarter and faster? Check out the printed picklist. This will quickly batch together parts from multiple work orders allowing you to fulfill all part requests in a single run.

Aircraft tracking made easy.

view-metersMaintenance Hub automatically tracks the meter time when parts are either added or removed from an aircraft, giving you the tools to track life-limited parts. With our newest release of Parts and Inventory, users can now instantly view a running manifest of all parts on an aircraft in chronological order by meter time. Best yet, any of those added or removed parts can be quickly included into logbook entries using Maintenance Hub’s built-in auto-completer. Never worry about mistyping a part number again!

Next Steps

If you are currently an active subscriber of Maintenance Hub, Parts and Inventory has already been turned on for your organization and is ready to begin managing your aviation stock! Simply log in and you will now see an 'Inventory' option listed in the main navigation.

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Our Product team has created helpful articles in the Flight Schedule Pro Knowledge Base that will get your maintenance crew up and running in no time with Parts and Inventory.

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