December 2

Aircraft Maintenance Management Solution Time Tracking Now Available

Flight Schedule Pro Releases Maintenance Hub Time Tracking Upgrade

Today, Flight Schedule Pro proudly announces the launch of a major upgrade to our Maintenance Hub platform. Aircraft mechanics now have the ability to track time in context of their work orders, giving your flight operation visibility into the number of maintenance hours per aircraft. This feature will unlock insights into the overall health of your aircraft, which aircraft are more costly to maintain, and forecast how long routine maintenance will take per tail. In addition, time tracking will further assist in aircraft mechanic capacity planning and utilization to maximize your maintenance shop’s throughput. With Flight Schedule Pro’s Maintenance Hub, tracking time has never been smarter, faster, or easier!

timers-running2-1Create Time Entries on a Work Item or Work Order

Provide your maintenance department with the ability to create time entries on a work order or work item with just a few easy clicks. Creating a time entry is as simple as entering the date along with the number of hours and the entry is signed, sealed and documented in an instant. Did you think we stopped there, though? Have the freedom to enter detailed notes that will provide context into how time is being spent.

One Click Clock-In. One Click Clock-Out.

Ready to kick things up a notch? In just one click, mechanics now have the ability to ‘clock-in’ on any given work item and begin a running timer. Once the work has been completed, your aircraft mechanics can simply ‘clock-out’ in just one more click and the time spent will be attached to that specific work item. Is it common for your mechanics to begin working on a new work item without noting their time spent on the previous item? No problem. Once a mechanic starts a new timer with another one running, our platform will automatically clock-out of any previous running timer. Timers can be found anywhere in Flight Schedule Pro’s platform, even outside of Maintenance Hub!

Powerful Status and Roll-Ups

Any user in your flight organization with the proper permissions will have complete clarity of which mechanics have timers running, the total time spent, and how your operation is tracking against estimates. We have fully refreshed the work orders status widget and work orders list to show actuals compared to estimates. The schedule has been updated so your dispatchers can update reservations and pilots due to routine or ad hoc maintenance.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 10.11.49 AM


Be sure to check out the new Time Entry Analysis Grid. You’ll have the full power of Flight Schedule Pro’s Reporting Hub right at your fingertips!

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