July 26

Maintenance Hub Now Available

Simplify fleet maintenance with Flight Schedule Pro’s newest hub, Maintenance Hub.

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new-MX-hubThe Flight Schedule Pro team is excited to announce the launch of our maintenance solution to help flight organizations deliver the highest quality maintenance management services, achieve competitive turnaround times, and streamline operations in an evolving industry. Our mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of the flight training industry, which is why our team has invested countless hours in research and development to add an integrated aircraft maintenance solution as a product offering to flight schools, career pilot training centers, universities and flying clubs.

Ready to hear about some of the powerful features this hub brings to you? Check it out.

→ Digital work orders, items and logs

→ Work item assignments

→ Full audit and change control tracking

→ Integrated aircraft, reservations, reminders and squawks

→ Real-time aircraft usage data

→ Powerful search and filters

→ Integrated schedule status

→ Robust reporting

The intuitive user interface and online knowledge base allows you to start utilizing Maintenance Hub quickly with no training required! Once your organization requests Maintenance Hub to be activated, simply go to your list of work orders and click “Create Work Order” to begin.


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Through seamless interdepartmental collaboration, real-time status visibility, and mobile-optimized technology, Maintenance Hub enables you to run more efficiently and ensure operational compliance. Make your job easier by facilitating your maintenance and producing records that are accurate, digital, and meet regulatory requirements.


Gain Efficiency

Maintaining aircraft is a massive logistics challenge. From routine and ad hoc maintenance to painstaking tasks such as managing parts and inventory, your ultimate goal is getting that aircraft out of maintenance and flying again as soon as possible. When you’re using a paper documentation process, records cannot be indexed, searched, templated or easily consumed and can result in gaps of maintenance history for that specific aircraft. By building comprehensive workflow management, this can be used to streamline your maintenance operations, increase overall efficiency, and ultimately reduce time spent on documentation and paperwork.

Lock Down Compliance

Safely maintaining the operational state of your fleet imposes huge overheads and regulatory burden. Maintenance Hub can positively affect compliance by templating work to be performed, digitizing logbook entries, forms creation and archival, including your 337’s, 8110-3’s, 91.411 test data reports, weight and balance sheets, and more. Doing this will make your documentation repeatable and standardized.

Enhance Collaboration

Dispatch needs to be aware when an aircraft is coming due for maintenance, how long it’s anticipated to be grounded, and ultimately what the expected return to service date will be once maintenance is underway. Likewise, your maintenance team needs to know what task is upcoming on an aircraft, how many flights and reservations exist, and how much flight time is going to be logged. Within the shop, maintenance needs clarity on who is working on what, if the work is progressing as expected, how much time is remaining and if there are any tasks being blocked or unable to proceed. Maintenance Hub provides full transparency into your maintenance operations as well as visibility for everyone across your organization and consumers of your aircraft.

Reduce Costs

One of the biggest costs to owning an aircraft is maintenance - and it’s rising. Parts are getting more expensive and labor shortages are increasing the cost of labor. By gaining more efficiency, locking down compliance and enhancing collaboration, Maintenance Hub can ultimately reduce the overall costs of maintenance operations.



Designed for Part 91 operations serving the maintenance needs of your flight school and fleet, streamline the work order process and allow your aircraft maintenance technicians to focus more on aircraft and less on paperwork.


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