October 6

Your Key Solution to FAA Compliance


One of the most common questions any upcoming flight student has is which path of flight training should they pursue: Part 61 or Part 141? Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on a student’s goals and expectations.

| PART 61 |  Any FAA-approved flight instructor may train a student under Part 61 regulations. This regulation offers a more flexible training environment and allows the instructor to modify their training program to meet the students’ goals and desires. Part 61 tends to be a better option for those seeking part-time flight training on a less consistent schedule; however, this may require more flight training hours and bring a less structured training environment.

| PART 141 |  Flight training under Part 141 regulations must be completed only by instructors associated with an FAA-approved flight school. Under this regulation, students receive a more well-defined training environment and is commonly the chosen route for career-focused, full-time students. The structure of a 141 school may be too inflexible for students not planning to pursue an aviation career upon graduation.

Ultimately, the way a student learns and their long-term goals may be the best criteria for deciding which regulation to train under. Will a student be a better pilot if they train under one versus the other? Absolutely not. Good quality flight training can be found under both sets of regulations. No matter which regulation an organization operates under, one area that remains consistent through all is the necessity to maintain a safe and compliant training environment for both staff and students.

Remain Air-Worthy

As a Part 141 flight school, you are subject to regular audits by the FAA. These are fun though, right? You get to work around the clock chasing paper, hoping to locate all the applicable documents needed and keep your fingers crossed that no mistakes were made when the paperwork was originally filled out and filed. With the constant demand for new pilots, Flight Schedule Pro users needed us to manage the complexity of the Part 141 course, instructor, and student requirements, but still provide the easy-to-use software they already love. So, we did exactly that. The beauty with Flight Schedule Pro is that you are simply using our everyday training and scheduling features to help create the required records and certifications you need for 141 approval and it is all built in.

Hear it from Tyler Brown with Vermont Flight Academy; “I no longer worry about the daunting task of managing a Part 141 program. Flight Schedule Pro streamlines our operation through enrollment, tracking, and graduation while ensuring Part 141 compliance.”

Request more information about how Flight Schedule Pro keeps you FAA Compliant. 

Gear Up and Soar

Whether you operate under Part 61 or 141, cut the time you spend logging student grades, remain efficient and organized, and maintain an impactful training environment for your students and staff with Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub. This hub offers powerful training features such as Student Progress Tracking, Built-In Syllabus Library, Document Storage, and the ability to schedule aircraft and training sessions, just to name a few. Be sure to check out all of the benefits and features of Training Hub.


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