October 5

New iPad / iPhone App with Offline Lesson Grading

Let’s face it, few people love spending time doing paperwork. And, a desktop computer isn’t always handy when you need to print lessons, complete grading, enter squawks and schedule your next flight reservation. So without further ado…we’re very excited to announce our brand new iPad and iPhone apps!

1. Pre-Flight Prep

So you arrive to work, grab some Jo and prepare for today’s flight lessons. With Flight Schedule Pro, there’s no need to find a computer, print out lesson checklists and put on your clipboard. Instead, just download your reservations right from your Flight Schedule Pro dashboard to your IOS device (iPhone or iPad). No data plan or Wi-Fi needed to begin logging your session.

Your Flight Schedule Pro app now has student history, past instructor notes, and lesson plans all in-flight so you’re truly prepared and look professional. Students can also download the lessons in case they don’t have Wi-Fi access. Saves time preparing lessons.

2. Check-Out Flight

So before you hit the tarmac, and while still online, easily check-out your flight from the IOS app. No dispatch needed, you don’t have to hunt for an open computer. You just need an iPhone or iPad and then you’re ready for take-off. Saves time with self-service dispatching.

3. In-Flight Lesson

Simply open app (now offline), follow the pre-loaded lesson step by step and grade as you go along. You can take notes for future instruction or debriefing. Now that you’re making good time, don’t stop at one lesson. Continue into as many lessons as you want. They’re all downloaded and ready! Saves time entering grades & notes.

4. Check-In Flight

Now that you’re back on ground and online, check-in the flight, enter Tach and Hobbs time, and report squawks. Saves time with self-service check-in.

5. Post-Flight Debrief

Lesson’s done and time for debriefing. Now you can enter training times (flight or ground) review tasks in lesson, and take more notes if needed. The instructor signs and saves the lesson which then, once connected online, will upload all the new information you stores in the app while offline. Saves time shuffling paper & finding notes.

6. Next Lesson

Close your session like a pro by scheduling the next flight reservation and lesson with the student. Once you confirm the time and save the reservation, both student and instructor are emailed a notification along with any lesson prep needed. Your students are on time and prepared for each flight. Saves time with in-workflow scheduling.

Download / Install

Please note: you’ll need an existing Flight Schedule Pro account to use this app.

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