June 14

New Feature: Memberships w/Recurring Billing


We’ve taken your feedback about Flight Schedule Pro’s new Billing & Point of Sale and made it even better. Now clients and members can pay you online and you can collect membership dues automatically!

Let’s look at the new Recurring Billing feature and how it can save you hours of work.



What you can do:

  • Define memberships and assign special aircraft rates, scheduling permissions, and discounts
  • Process recurring credit card payments automatically each month, each year, or on a custom schedule
  • Collect credit card information from members online
  • Restrict or deactivate members who cancel or go past due
  • Manage subscription status and update payment information

Schedule a Demo:

We’re happy to show you a demo of how these new features work!

No account yet? Start your Flight Schedule Pro trial and take your first step toward better billing!

Already have an account? Sign in and click the Billing tab on the left-hand menu to schedule a demo.

Setup Memberships

With Flight Schedule Pro, you can set up different memberships and unlock special benefits for subscribers. Specify discounted rates, product discounts, and special permissions. To setup Memberships:

  1. Sign in and click “Settings” at top right
  2. Click the “Billing & POS” tab
  3. Select “Memberships and Price Groups”
  4. Choose “Add New” and select “Membership”

Auto-Restrict Past Due/Cancelled Members

When a customer’s membership fails to process or is cancelled you can have the system auto-perform certain actions like deactivate user or demote the user’s role. Or you can handle this all manually if you prefer. To setup these options:

  1. Click the “Billing & POS” tab
  2. Select “Subscriptions”
  3. Click the “Settings” button

Manage Subscriptions: Stay in the know!

Flight Schedule Pro automatically takes care of subscription processing, managing rates and discounts, and removing inactive members. Even so, it helps to know the status of your members at a glance. Flight Schedule Pro gives you more control over your finances.

For example, you can see canceled subscriptions so you can follow up with members and win them back. You also have the option to cancel subscriptions if you need to.

Plus, you can easily update your customers’ payment information so you always have a current card on file.

Ready to put your billing on autopilot?

Recurring payments are just one of the ways our Billing & POS add-on helps keep your flight operations running smoothly. You can collect recurring payments, create membership categories, keep customer payment information up-to-date, and manage your members easily.

Billing & POS also lets you get paid faster with online payments,  manage rates and discounts, record fuel reimbursements, and sync with QuickBooks. 

Activate the Billing & POS add-on now by going to your Settings > Billing & POS or learn more about Billing & POS on our website..

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