December 7

A Holiday Spin: The 12 Days of Flight Schedule Pro

Are you ready for our version of holiday jingles and jams? Helping flight training operations succeed is our jam. With that, we are feeling festive and sharing a list of our twelve favorite Flight Schedule Pro features! This list of top features was produced by Flight Schedule Pro employees who’ve helped flight schools, career training centers, colleges and universities, and flying clubs deploy Flight Schedule Pro within their flight operation. As you soar through Flight Schedule Pro’s many features, this list will allow you to streamline scheduling, simplify payment collection, enable student success, monitor KPIs, and optimize fleet maintenance


On the first day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…1 integration with an industry-leading digital pilot logbook!

It’s the most wonderful time of the flight, there’ll be much flight logging, and aircraft will be squawking, when clear skies are near, it’s the most wonderful time of the flight [when you can push flight time directly into your logbook, error-free!]

Within Flight Schedule Pro, flight time totals are auto-calculated and documented by capturing Hobbs at flight check-out and check-in. Not only is flight time obtained, but the aircraft reservation also includes the Aircraft ID, Aircraft Type, Date, and Airport information. All data that goes into your logs! LogTen is the only pilot logbook that is integrated with Flight Schedule Pro. If you don’t take advantage of pushing this information directly into your LogTen Pilot Logbook, then we are fresh out of tricks that will keep you on the nice list for maintaining error-free entries.


On the second day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…2 sets of eyes on payroll validation!

The gift that keeps on giving: an integrated report that not only tracks instructor and student hours, but also helps validate payroll. You’re welcome.

Flight Schedule Pro’s Analyze Flight/ Class Detail Report is one that makes an impact for flight operations of all sizes. Payroll validation is the front runner of this detail report, but we also said it’s the gift that keeps on giving, remember? Track how much time each instructor or aircraft is flying within a defined timeframe. If you have aircraft on fleet that are leasebacks and need to know how much time to pay aircraft owners, this report has you covered!


On the third day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…3 documents required to schedule a student solo flight!

With Flight Schedule Pro, there’s no way your staff will end up on the bad list due to performing actions they don’t have permission to do.

Your operation doesn’t need special powers to keep an eye on everyone and everything to ensure all flights are airworthy and compliant, you just need Scheduling Hub. Scheduling and dispatch requirements are put in place for student pilots and renters, as well as instructors, to meet all defined criteria in order to reserve and check-out an aircraft. You have full control to pick and choose items they must satisfy before flight, from having a current Medical Certification uploaded down to requiring a valid payment method on file (your billing staff will instantly put you on the nice list for this one).


On the fourth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…4 categories of offerings bundled together!

Don’t be deceived by the size of the present, big things do come in small packages. Jewelry, cash, airline tickets, even bundled pilot programs!

Your flight operation might not be able to gift your staff with the first three items listed above, but giving them the ability to sell instruction hours, aircraft hours, as well as products and services in bulk is a gift that will have them jumping with joy. From Private Pilot to Career Pilot, build and save customized pilot package offerings within Billing Hub that can be billed and applied by your staff within seconds to aviator accounts. You’re not only giving them the gift of bundled pilot programs, but also the gift of time!


On the fifth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…5 key performance indicating datasets!

KPI, KPI, KPI shock. A little less shock and a lot more rock when it comes to knowing where you stand with your key performance indicators.

A pre-built dashboard within Flight Schedule Pro that consists of 5 powerful KPI datasets: flight and instruction revenue, aircraft hours booked, total hours billed, total hours logged, and efficiency of hours logged. These are bedrock metrics that any flight operation, including yours, should be monitoring daily. Exposing the number of hours reserved, logged, as well as billed to a client can give your flight operation actionable insights to boost the metrics or uncover potential problems. 


On the sixth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…6 aircraft coming due for routine maintenance!

The big guy up North is always one step ahead, but by templating work orders from maintenance reminders within Flight Schedule Pro, you’ll question who is actually the one always prepared.

Whether it’s a recurring 100 hour inspection, or staying compliant with ADs and service bulletins, every work item within a work order requires specific tasks to be completed and documented each time maintenance comes due. Frame out all necessary work log entries, parts, and even attachments ahead of time as pre-saved templates that your entire maintenance crew can utilize, keeping aircraft maintenance documentation consistent, free of errors, and never missing a detail.


On the seventh day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…7 available payment method options to offer customers!

Let it grow! Let it grow! Let it grow! (Your flight ops bottom line, that is.)

Less vendor management and streamlined invoicing for you, more payment options and simplicity for your customers! Billing Hub’s integrated payment functionality can help boost sales by offering both online and in-person payment processing, automating recurring payments, and bundling pilot training packages into one quick transaction, all in one seamless solution. Online payments and scheduling restrictions make it convenient for your customers to pay, keeping dues and billable hours current, all while saving you and your staff time. It’s a win-win for all!


On the eighth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…8[710] report creation provided within seconds!

It’s not an application to fly a sleigh, but close enough.

Gathering all necessary information to complete an 8710 report can be a daunting task, but not when you’re using LogTen. With over 100 built-in reports to choose from, the 8710 report pulls your complete record of flight time and is formatted just like the actual FAA Airman Certificate/ Rating application. Talk about a helpful time-saver!


On the ninth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…9 mechanics actively working on aircraft maintenance tasks!

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, but does he track your time spent performing aircraft maintenance? Flight Schedule Pro’s Time Tracking feature does!

With just one click to clock in and one click to clock out, aircraft mechanics have the ability to track time in context of their work orders, giving your flight operation visibility into the number of maintenance hours per aircraft. Time Tracking unlocks insights into the overall health of your aircraft, which aircraft are more costly to maintain, and allows you to forecast how long routine maintenance will take per tail. In addition, time tracking assists in aircraft mechanic capacity planning and utilization to maximize your maintenance shop’s throughput. And any time logged can automatically be billed on invoices!


On the tenth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…10 student pilots being audited for compliance!

You’re making a [student training documentation] list and checking it twice because your Principal Operations Inspector (POI) is coming to town.

With Flight Schedule Pro’s Training Hub, all pilot training records, from sessions and exams for students to recurrent proficiency checks for Certified Flight Instructors, are all digitally logged and stored for instant access. It’s compliance minus the complexity with a recordkeeping solution that is Part 141 approved and preferred by top flight schools, POIs, and Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs) across the country.


On the eleventh day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…11 shared student + instructor LogTen logbook entries!

Spread holiday cheer and share…logbook entries.

LogTen Pilot Log puts the smart in ‘Smart Share’. Not only is LogTen the only pilot logbook integrated with Flight Schedule Pro, but with the Smart Share feature, your instructors can quickly and easily sign and share a dual given flight logged in their logbook with their student and LogTen will automatically switch information over to dual received in the student’s entry, along with all other flight details.


On the twelfth day of Flight Schedule Pro, the true aviator sent to me…12 available aircraft reservations booked simultaneously!

If you’ve added ‘Personal assistant to book aircraft reservations for you’ on your Holiday Wish List, then we’ve checked this one off for you this year!

We understand that the words ‘complicated’, ‘time consuming’, ‘never ending’ all resonate with the process of trying to align student pilot availability with both instructor and aircraft availability, which is why our crew dedicated the time and effort to build out our new ‘Find a Time’ feature within Scheduling Hub!  Simply plug in the desired activity, aircraft and instructor(s), click the ‘Find a Time’ button, and this new feature will map out all available openings matching the criteria. Pilots can then select multiple reservations at a time, complete any necessary reservation details, and book all reservations in one smooth workflow. This solution not only eliminates the friction of finding available time to fly, it is also a more flexible and user-friendly way to book multiple reservations simultaneously, like your own personal assistant! 

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